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What we do:
We provide bicycles to those who are unable to have one. No matter who you are, the value of a bike remains the same; our job is to provide them.


Our organization depends and promotes the use of the Santa Cruz community to achieve our goals. We only serve members of the Santa Cruz County with the hopes that B4A will create a positive impact on the cycling culture among our neighborhoods. 

How it works

In summary, B4A is a major multi-process organization. To begin, we receive bikes from the community including government offices like the SC Police Department; make necessary repairs; and finally give them out to those in need.


You can help our amazing process by emailing here. Monetary donations are appreciated. We accept bikes no matter their condition as long as they meet our criteria (for more info click "more").


Click the apply tab to fill out a questionnaire and be put on the waiting list for a bike!

Hear our success stories:

"Grateful, truly; we can't thank you guys enough"
"I commute daily to work; when my bike was stolen I had no idea what'd I do. This is a lifesaver"
"My daughter wanted a bike for her birthday but we weren't in a financially stable position. All I have to do now is cover the cost of a helmet!"
Anonymous Bike#LR005
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